About Us

Inspired by his decade-long excursions, intercultural studies, and bolstered by the success of his award-winning photo book Embracing Cuba (University Press of Florida), author/photographer Byron Motley has launched EmbracingCUBA Tours (aka YABBA BIRI Tours), travel events uniquely tailored to showcase the island’s rich culture.

Through the years, Byron has established enduring friendships with political figures, artists, musicians, dancers, photographers, shop-owners, restaurateurs, tour directors, athletes and everyday people in every province of the country. It is these relationships, and, on occasion, his unprecedented access at all levels of Cuban society that makes EmbracingCUBA Tours (YABBA BIRI Tours) superior to other Cuban travel options.

Embracing the new diplomatic accord between the U.S and Cuba, our Cuba travel experiences offer travelers a wide-range of activities designed to immerse them in all things Cuban and to discover this once long-forbidden and oft-misunderstood “Jewell of the Antilles.”

At EmbracingCUBA Tours (YABBA BIRI Tours), our mission is to continue fostering mutual respect through education, engagement, and entertainment.

And we invite you join us to be a part of this appreciation and love between two cultures who have much to offer and learn from each other.

EmbracingCUBA/YABBA BIRI Tours: Professional. Creative. Safe……FUN!